June 10, 2022


Ques: Regardless of distance in time, there were lots of similarities between Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Curzon. Discuss. 

Ans : (Only the term ‘similarities’ has been used but the term ‘differences’ is implied.)

The comparison between Nehru and Curzon is interesting in that despite the difference in time and objectives both Curzon and Nehru had certain points of similarities as well. It is true that Curzon had visited India half a century earlier than Nehru and it is equally true that Curzon was guided by a strong imperialistic motive while Nehru by a nationalist one but still a comparison between the two is no less interesting.    

1. Activism in the field of foreign policy. Nehru was characterized as a democratic Curzon.

2. Both were having an equal interest in building new institutions and promoting policy innovation.

3. Both were having individualistic mindsets in decision-making.

 Now conclude as per question demand.