Jan. 11, 2022


Ques:- It was the political and social discontentment but not French philosophers which caused a revolution in France. ‘Comment’ 

Ans:- French revolution was not a sudden incident rather it was the product of long-term fermentation. Political and social factors defied an important role behind it. The autocratic behavior of the government based on a reactionary policy with anti reforms agenda certainly irritated the third estate. Likewise, the conflict between the economically effective class (middle) and politically effective class (aristocratic class) made the change and reforms inevitable. But still, the role of French philosophers can’t be undermined. In fact, an all-encompassing event like French Revolution can never occur in a state of political vacuum. French philosophers contributed to the revolution in the following manner-

1. Thinkers drew the attention of the people towards present political, economic and social apathy.  

2. They invented specific terms of protest like ‘Citizen’, ‘Rule of Law’ etc.  

3. They gave birth to what we know as ‘modern politics’ and ‘public opinion.

4. Lastly, even revolutionaries quoted these thinkers time and again to legitimize their position.

  So, in spite of the fact that French thinkers did not make an appeal to revolution nor did they lead the people but they made a contribution to the revolution indirectly.