Dec. 31, 2021


Ques.:-French Revolution, in the true sense, was an all European revolution. Comment.


Ans.:- French Revolution, which had started on a national issue, very soon became universal in its reach and appeal. That’s why it is characterized as one of the most significant events in the history of the world. The following factors made the revolution drift towards Europe and engulf it as a wildfire.


            First, the declaration of rights of man and citizen, which appeared on 26 August 1789, encroached the territorial boundary and appealed even to the people outside the boundary of France. Secondly, along with the French army, even revolutionary ideas like liberalism and nationalism travelled to Europe. Furthermore, whichever region fell under French control Napoleon carried a series of reforms there i.e. state control over the Church, abolition of feudalism, the introduction of the Napoleonic Code etc. in this way revolutionary war brought the revolution to the doorstep of Europe as well.

            Later, when the Congress of Vienna tried to restore the old order in Europe it met its demise as the revolutions of the 1830s and those of 1848 left the Vienna system completely shaken. Above all, the unification of Italy and that of Germany symbolized the victory of revolutionary forces. In fact, throughout the 19th century Europe had continuously been fighting the legacy of the French Revolution.

  It was in this sense French Revolution turned to be an all European revolution.