Dec. 28, 2021


Ques: Why did the ‘Moderates’ fail to carry conviction with the nation about their proclaimed ideology and political goals by the end of the nineteenth century?

Ans : (Keywords – ‘carry conviction’, ‘political ideology’, ‘objectives’)

Moderate leaders were a pioneer in modern politics in India. As the representative of the nation, they presented petitions and sent memorials to the British government with an objective to promote the national interest of India but their elitist affiliation did not allow them to carry the common people with them.

1. Political ideology 

a. Fascination for western institutions

b. The craze for westernization

c. The natural inclination for capitalism

d. Higher estimation for western constitutionalism and the thinkers like Burke and Mill

e. Disbelief in the power of the masses

2. Political goals-  

a. To make concessions through beets by beets

b. Seeking the end of unBritish rule but not the British rule

c. To ensure maximum benefit to India through its association with Britain.